The National Black Caucus of State Legislators (NBCSL) primary mission is to develop, conduct and promote educational, research and training programs designed to enhance the effectiveness of its members, as they consider legislation and issues of public policy which impact, either directly or indirectly upon "the general welfare" of African American constituents within their respective jurisdictions.


In support of its mission, NBCSL has adopted the following fundamental objectives:

  1. To serve as a national network and clearinghouse for the discussion, dissemination, and exchange of ideas and information among African American state legislators and their staffs;
  2. To provide research, training, and educational services to African American state legislators and their staff.
  3. To improve the effectiveness and quality of African American state legislators; and
  4. To serve as a strong, united, and effective advocate for African American state legislators and their constituencies at the federal level.

    • Assembly Speaker

      Assemblywoman Sheila Y. Oliver, New Jersey

    • President

      Senator Ronald Russell, U.S. Virgin Islands

    • Democratic Leader

      Senator Robert Brown, Georgia
      Representative Lois DeBerry, Tennessee

    • Democratic Leader Pro-Tempore

      Representative Joseph A. “Joe” Gibbons, Florida

    • President Pro Tempore

      Senator Sharon Weston Broome, Louisiana
      Senate Nathaniel J. Mcfadden, Maryland
      Senator Nia H. Gill, New Jersey

  • Speaker Pro Tem

    Delegate Adrienne A. Jones, Maryland
    Assemblyman Jerry Green, New Jersey
    • Deputy President Pro Tempore

      Senator Toni Nathaniel Harp, Connecticut
      Senator Eric Coleman, Connecticut

    • Deputy Speaker

      Representative Marie Lopez Kirkley-Bey, Connecticut
      Delegate Carolyn J.B. Howard, Maryland
      Assemblywoman Earlene Hooper, New York

    • Chairman

      Councilmember Kwame Brown, Washington D.C.

    • Deputy Speaker

      Assemblyman Upendra J. Chivukula, New Jersey
      Assemblywoman L. Grace Spencer, New Jersey

  • Deputy Conference Leader

    Assemblyman Gordon M. Johnson, New Jersey


    • Majority Leader

      Senator James F. Clayborne, Jr., Illinois

    • Majority Floor Leader

      Senator Steven Horsford, Nevada

    • Assistant Majority Policy Leader

      Representative Wilmer Amina Carter, California

    • Majority Whip

      Senator Earline Rogers, Indiana
      Senator Lisa A. Gladden, Maryland
      Delegate Talmadge Branch, Maryland
      Assemblyman William Horne, Nevada
      Representative Sheryl Stapleton, New Mexico
      Senator Sandra B. Cunningham, New Jersey
      Representative Mike Shelton, Oklahoma

    • Assistant Majority Leader

      Senator Kimberly Lightfoot, Illinois
      Representative Charles Jefferson, Illinois
      Representative Karen Yarbrough, Illinois
      Representative Byron Rushing, Massachusetts

    • Deputy Majority Leader

      Senator Jeff Hayden, Minnesota
      Senator Edwin Gomes, Connecticut
      Representative Ernest Hewett, Connecticut
      Senator Catherine E. Pugh, Maryland
      Assemblyman N. Nick Perry, New York
      Senator Harold M. Metts, Rhode Island

  • Caucus Chair

    Representative Barbara W. Ballard, Kansas
    Representative Eric Pettigrew, Washington
    • Majority Caucus Chair

      Senator Donne Trotter, Illinois
      Representative Charles “Don” Clemmons, Jr., Connecticut
      Democratic Caucus Chair
      Senator Charlie Smith Dannelly, North Carolina

    • Senior Chief Deputy Whip

      Representative Kelvin Atkinson, Nevada
      Assistant Majority Whip
      Representative Douglas McCrory
      Representative Bruce Morris
      Senator Virgil Smith, West Virginia

    • Deputy Majority Whips

      Delegate Cheryl D. Glenn, Maryland
      Delegate Keith E. Haynes, Maryland
      Delegate Shirley Nathan-Pulliam, Maryland
      Delegate Shawn Z. Tarrant, Maryland
      Delegate Michael L. Vaughn, Maryland
      Assemblywoman Barbara M. Clark, New York
      Majority Conference Chairperson
      Representative Marlow Colvin, Illinois

    • Vice-Chair, Majority Conference

      Assemblyman Karim Camara, New York

    • Policy Chair

      Valdenia Winn

  • Secretary of the Senate

    Senator Kent M. Hicks, New Jersey


    • Minority Leader

      Representative Stacey Y. Abrams, Georgia
      Senator John Llewllyn Sampson, New York

    • Minority Whip

      Representative Carolyn F. Hugley, Georgia
      Senator Vincent Gregory, Michigan
      Senator Jose Peralta, New York
      Representative Larry D. Hall, North Carolina

    • Minority Floor Leader

      Senator Anthony H. Williams, Pennsylvania
      Senator Tupac Hunter, Michigan

    • Assistant Minority Leader

      Senator Jean Breaux, Indiana
      Senator Leah Taylor, Arizona
      Representative Joe Neal, South Carolina

    • Minority Caucus Vice-Chair

      Senator Morris Hood III, Michigan

    • Minority Caucus Vice-Chair

      Representative Rashad Taylor, Georgia
      Representative Chris Carter, Missouri

    • Assistant Minority Caucus Chair

      Senator Coleman Young, II, Michigan

    • Assistant Minority Whip

      Senator Virgil Smith, Michigan
      Senator Velmanette Montgomery, New York

    • Deputy Minority Whip

      Senator Bill Perkins, New York

    • Deputy Minority Leader

      Rep. William L. Wainwright, North Carolina

    • Assistant Minority Floor Leader

      Representative Tishaura Jones, Missouri
      Senator Rita Heard Days, Missouri

    • Minority Caucus Secretary

      Senator Yvonne Wilson, Missouri

  • Minority Caucus Treasurer

    Delegate Jeion Ward, Virginia
    • Democratic Caucus Deputy Leader

      Representative Chandra Dillard, South Carolina

    • Democratic Whip

      Senator Vincent D. Fort, Georgia
      Senator Judy McIntyre, Oklahoma

    • Democratic Caucus Secretary

      Senator Horacena Tate, Georgia
      Representative Barbara Cooper, Tennessee
      Senator Valencia Seay, Georgia
      Representative Mia Butler Garrick, South Carolina

    • Democratic Leader-elect

      Representative Perry Thurston, Jr., Florida

    • Assistant Democratic Floor Leader

      Representative Earl Harris, Indiana
      Representative Joe Towns Jr., Tennessee

    • Assistant Democratic Caucus Chair

      Representative Vanessa Summers, Indiana

    • Deputy Democratic Leader

      Senator Floyd B. McKissick, Jr., North Carolina

    • Party Caucus Chair

      Delegate Marvin E. Holmes, Jr., Maryland

  • Appropriations Committee Leadership

    Representative Toni Walker, Connecticut (Co-Chair)
    Representative Dennis P. Williams, Delaware (Chair)
    Representative Patricia Billie Miller, Connecticut (Vice Chair)
    Senator Donne Trotter, Illinois (Vice-Chair)
    Senator Toni Nathaniel Harp, Connecticut (Chair)
    Representative William Davis, Illinois (Chair)
    Representative Al Riley, Illinois (Vice-Chair)
    Representative Kenneth Dunkin, Illinois (Chair)
    Representative Bill Crawford, Indiana (Ranking Member)
    Representative Arnold Simpson, Kentucky (Vice Chair)
    Senator Lydia Jackson, Louisiana (Chair)
    Assemblyman Herman D. Farrell, Jr., New York (Chair)
    Senator Vincent J. Hughes, Pennsylvania (Chair)
    Representative Sylvester Turner, Texas (Vice Chair)
    Senator Royce West, Texas (Chair)