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Autopsy reports show that Freddie Gray, the unarmed black man that was killed earlier this year after his spine was severed in the course of arrest, suffered a high-energy injury much like that of a diving accident.  The coroner indicates that it is similar to that of an accident but that the police are responsible because they failed to take proper safety precautions.
Governor Scott Walker has expanded gun rights with the signing of two bills.  One bill repeals the 48 hour waiting period before you can receive a gun and the other allows off-duty or retired police officers to conceal carry on school grounds.
Texas is expanding food stamp opportunities for former felons.  The governor recently signed a bill that restores SNAP benefits for drug felons if they complete their sentences and comply with terms of their probation or parole.
With the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in King. v. Burwell affirming subsidies can be used for those purchasing insurance on federal exchanges, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is pushing the legislature to expand Medicaid.  Expansion would cover an additional 400,000 citizens in the state.
Governor Greg Abbott has signed a law that deregulates natural hair braiding in Texas.  The nearly 20 years of conflict centered on licensing regulations that treated hair braiding like barbershops and beauty salons.  This regulation required natural hair braiders to be licensed by cosmetology schools, pay thousands of dollars to ensure their facilities met standards and required several hundred hours of training.
Delaware has joined nearly 20 other states that have decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana.
The United State Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Texas, holding that the state can reject confederate flag license plates because they are state property.  Because license plates are state property and not akin to bumper stickers, the First Amendment does not protect their usage.
The California Labor Commission has ruled that Uber drivers are officially employees despite the company’s argument that it does not set their hours or pick their hours.  The decision has the potential to cost the company severely as it will now have to provide health care, payroll taxes and more.
The Philadelphia City Council recently purchased public vacant lands which will be used to build mixed income housing.  These properties are a part of the City’s efforts to house its residents that cannot qualify for public housing but still have difficulty finding a place to live.
Despite being legalized in the state, the Colorado Supreme Court has ruled employers can terminate their employees for positive drug tests, even if it is medical use marijuana.
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