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Judy Bradshaw hopes Iowa lawmakers take a deliberate, cautious approach to writing new state laws regarding what kinds of police body camera footage should be available to the public.  Jeff Danielson hopes a new state policy arrives sooner than later, but realistically, he thinks it is unlikely. Continue reading.

Targeting California’s recent record-low voter turnout, Gov. Jerry Brown on Saturday signed a measure that would eventually allow Californians to be automatically registered to vote when they go the DMV to obtain or renew a driver’s license. Continue reading.

For the first time in its modern history, the New York Police Department is establishing explicit guidelines — backed by a sweeping new tracking system — for using and documenting force.  Every police officer will have to detail virtually every instance when force is used not only in an arrest but also in other encounters with the public, including the sort of brief, violent detention and release that occurs routinely on the street and, in the case of the retired tennis star James Blake, is captured on video…Continue reading

An Alabama congresswoman has formally asked the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the state’s shuttering of driver’s license offices in several heavily black counties, warning that the closures throw up another obstacle to voting. The call for a federal probe comes as opposition to the state’s decision, announced last Wednesday, continues to mount…Continue reading

Oklahoma will soon join two dozen other states in allowing people to register to vote online. The law making this possible takes effect November 1, but News 9's Alex Cameron tells us the system won't be ready then…Continue reading
The Illinois Department of Public Health will no longer provide testing of sexually transmitted infections for dozens of county health departments and other facilities, saying resources must be shifted to more complicated testing to identify disease outbreaks and biological threats…Continue reading

California took a major step Tuesday toward closing the lingering wage gap between men and women, as Gov. Jerry Brown signed one of the toughest pay equity laws in the nation.  Women in California who work full time are paid substantially less — a median 84 cents for every dollar — than men, according to a U.S Census Bureau report this year… Continue reading
Royal Dutch Shell said it will end oil exploration in offshore Alaska "for the forseeable future,'' after an exploratory well in the Chukchi Sea failed to yield the oil and gas that was hoped for.  Continue reading.

Four years ago, Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature dissolved 400 redevelopment agencies throughout California that provided public subsidies to spur economic development and housing construction in blighted city cores.  On Tuesday, Brown took action to replace the old system with a more limited one that will target downtrodden areas with financial assistance. Continue reading.