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With the exception of Maine and Vermont, every state has some form of felony disenfranchisement.  These laws prevent those who are currently incarcerated, on probation, or on parole from voting.  Some states are now considering measures that would reopen voting to those formerly incarcerated.
The Governor of Alaska, Bill Walker, announced that he will be expanding Medicaid through an executive order after failing to get the legislature to expand Medicaid.  Expansion would provide over 40,000 Alaskans with health coverage.
A new measure allows the families of those with disabilities to deposit up to $100,000 in savings account without causing them to lose their Supplemental Security Income benefits.  The bill increased the amount from $2,000.
Wisconsin Governor and Presidential candidate Scott Walker filed a lawsuit against the federal government to allow Wisconsin to drug test food stamps applicants.  The plan would require applicants without any dependents, to be tested for drugs.
Litigation on North Carolina’s election law changes started recently.  Litigation was intitated by civil rights groups who allege the 2013 laws discriminated against Black voters.  Changes in the law include reduced early voting, elimination of same-day registration and ending preregistration for high school students.
Oregon recently enacted a measure that creates a system for filing complaints of profiling committed by police.  The measure also requires police departments to pass formal profiling bans.
After over 50 years at the South Carolina statehouse the Confederate flag will be coming down.  The legislature has voted to remove the flag from the Capitol, following the heinous massacre of nine African American citizens in a church.  The governor, Nikki Haley, has vowed to sign the bill.
Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia are facing litigation on redistricting maps.  Claims brought mostly by Democratic-led groups have found their way to the state Supreme Court in an effort to end partisan gerrymandering and super-packing minorities into districts.
The Urban Institute conducted a study to determine where inequality is most severe down to the neighborhoods.  Inequality, which was measured by income, college attainment, home ownership, and average housing value, was greatest in areas with larger populations.
New York City Council has introduced nine bills aimed at improving police practices.  Most notably, one bill would make the use of chokeholds, which are already banned, illegal.  Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, expressed some pushback against the bills arguing they were redundant or address concerns that are already being changed within the police department.