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In Comptroller v. Wynne the U.S. Supreme Court held that Maryland’s tax on out-of-state income was unconstitutional and amounted to a tariff.  As a result, Maryland counties will know owe close to $200 million in tax refunds to taxpayers.
Lawmakers in states such as New York and Texas are looking for ways to lower property tax in counties and cities.  While states do not levy property taxes, they are creating ways to make them more manageable for their residents.
Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York instituted new measures to protect nail salon workers by providing them with back pay and investigations into the working conditions to ensure they were healthy.  A New York Times exposé found that several workers have fallen victim to wage theft and have illnesses associated with the chemicals used in their profession.
State lawmakers in Texas are looking to end the program that provides students who graduate in the top 10 percent of their class with scholarships.  Concerns over funding are fueling the discussion to end the program once all of the students who are currently receiving the scholarship graduate. 
Maryland Governor Larry Hogan signed a body camera bill that creates a commission that will develop guidelines on police-worn body cameras.  Maryland is one of several states that have had body-cam measure in its legislative session following a string of officer-involved fatalities nationwide last year.
Democratic groups have brought a federal lawsuit against the state arguing recent election laws were passed aimed at voter suppression.  Several of these laws, including ending same-day registration, restricting access to absentee ballots, and reducing the number of voting machines in counties, have been implemented within the last two years. 
The U.S. Department of Labor will be providing communities impacted by the decline in the coal mining industry, over $35 million dollars to develop new economic and employment opportunities as well as retrain workers.
For those of us who live in Baltimore and love Baltimore, the last several weeks have brought us from the depths of despair and isolation to the heights of solidarity and hope for rebirth. As the light continues to shine on us, we have an opportunity to transform the character of the city by seriously welcoming, and making visible, two populations of people who can be key to our physical and moral recovery: college students and citizens with criminal records.
Alaska is creating a marijuana control board which will be tasked with creating all of the state’s laws on legalized marijuana.  Alaska legalized recreational marijuana through ballot initiative in the last election.
Overriding the governor’s veto, the legislature enacted a bill which will limit the amount of time a family can receive welfare benefits.  The law will also increase work requirements for families.