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Following the death of Freddie Gray, an unarmed Black man who police chased on a bicycle, and died in police custody, residents of Baltimore have taken to the streets in protest against police brutality.  Protests have reached a heated peak with some protestors turning to destruction of property and physical attacks against police officers.
Accenture, a management consulting and technology firm, recently conducted a survey of 2000 adults on their interactions with police and their thoughts on police.  The survey also asked what things police could do to improve relations between citizens and the police.
The Wisconsin legislature has advanced a bill in the Senate that will create strict regulations for ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft.  Local governments have passed rules in an attempt to make ridesharing accessible for both riders and drivers.
The Texas House is taking to steps to plug the public pension hole.  Several states are addressing funding issues for their public pensions this year.  The bill would increase contributions for state employee pension funds.  Texas would also increase its contributions to the funds.
Several educators have been convicted for racketeering which stemmed from cheating on tests in an Atlanta school.  Many receive harsh penalties the judge in that case is now reconsidering after hearing hours of testimony from friends and family on the character of the offenders.
A federal judge is questioning an assessment test for new teachers after numbers from the first initial test show a low number of Black and Latino teachers passing.  The judge has asked for an intensive review of the test, its development, impact and other important qualities to determine if there is bias that may be affecting teacher scores.
Arizona governor, Doug Ducey, signed into law a bill that prevents Arizona from setting up its own state exchange.  This will potentially impact the thousands of Arizonans receiving subsidies for health care if the U.S. Supreme Court rules states without a state exchange are ineligible to received health care subsidies.
The controversial welfare bill that has garnered national attention was signed by Kansas Governor Brownback.  The bill is a comprehensive vehicle, the governor states, is aimed at creating more self-reliant individuals by limiting their dependence on welfare, by limiting the amount of money they can withdraw and the products welfare money can be used for.
Kansas lawmakers are considering a measure which will limit what activities and products individuals can use their public assistance dollars for.  The bill, which the governor is rumored to be signing, will prevent individuals from using funds for tattoos, theme parks, certain food options, and other services.
After ban-the-box legislation failed in the Virginia legislature, the governor issued an executive order which would remove questions about prior convictions on job applications for state employment.