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State lawmakers Tuesday signed off on a measure intended to cure Florida's death penalty system, but defense lawyers say the proposed fix is flawed and will be challenged in court.  Gov. Rick Scott's aides said he will sign the bill, approved by the Senate in a 35-5 vote after earlier passing the House. Continue reading.

Facing a six-year barrage of increasingly large earthquakes, Oklahoma regulators are effectively ordering the state’s powerful oil-and-gas industry to substantially cut back the underground disposal of industry wastes that have caused the tremors across the state. Continue reading.
As sales tax collections slow and the nation becomes a service-based economy, many states are considering expanding the universe of goods and, especially, services that are subject to the sales tax. Continue reading.

Florida lawmakers handed yet another defeat to Gov. Rick Scott on Sunday when they agreed to use state tax money and not local property taxes to pay for higher school spending next year. Continue reading.
Drivers in Kansas who are suspected of being intoxicated can no longer be punished for refusing to take a blood alcohol test, and police may no longer warn drivers that such refusals can result in stiffer criminal penalties, the Kansas Supreme Court said Friday. Continue reading.

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin has issued an executive order directing state agencies to eliminate questions about prior felony convictions from state job applications.  Fallin says the order issued Wednesday will give applicants for state jobs who have criminal records at least an initial opportunity to be considered for employment without the stigma of a conviction record. Continue reading.

A federal court just handed states a powerful new tool to collect a larger share of the taxes that are legally due — but often go unpaid — on purchases made over the Internet.  The court upheld a 2010 Colorado law that requires Internet, catalog, and other out-of-state sellers either to charge Colorado sales tax on their sales to Colorado buyers or to provide information about the tax due on those purchases to the buyer and the state revenue department. Continue reading.

Despite what the ACLU has long advised, you do not have the right to take photos or record videos of cops—except when you’re planning to actively challenge police activity with the images. This is what U.S. District Judge Mark Kearney has ruled in a case involving two Philadelphia residents suing city police for using excessive force against them. The two plaintiffs, Richard Fields and Amanda Geraci, both had their cameras taken by police while they observed and filmed the officers’ actions, and both filed suit claiming this was a violation of their constitutional rights. Continue reading.

Concealed handguns would be allowed on Georgia's public college campuses under a measure that cleared the state's House of Representatives and now heads to the Senate over the objections of university leaders. Continue reading.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Guns Deal Headed to Governor’s Desk

The bipartisan gun deal hailed as a historic breakthrough is heading to the desk of Gov. Terry McAuliffe this week after winning final passage Monday in the General Assembly. Continue reading.