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Much like larger metropolitan areas, rural towns have homeless.  Nonprofit organizations often provide resources and supplies to homeless individuals; however it is often difficult to track where they are.  States are taking steps to solve the issue of rural homelessness by working with these organizations and the federal government.
A study has found that state-run insurance programs may be placing too heavy restrictions on Hepatitis C treatments.  Sovaldi, which is the only drug currently on the market, that provides the best treatment options for those with Hepatitis is incredibly expensive costing nearly $85,000 for a 12-week trial.  For states that provide the drug there are many stipulations, such as it must be prescribed by a specialist, which may prevent low-income sufferers from obtaining treatment. 
After a 7-year review, New York State has decided to ban fracking.  The Department of Educational Conservation issued a document that would finally ban fracking in the state.  The ban is not permanent and is expected to be challenged by fracking supporters.
Ohio and a few other states have filed lawsuits against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over their new water regulations.  The suits allege the EPA overstepped their authority and that the new regulations give the EPA too much power over the state’s bodies of water.
The Confederate flag has been in the news recently following, the church massacre that occurred in South Carolina earlier this month.  South Carolina is one of few states that still fly the Confederate flag at their state house.  Since then, there has been talk in the remaining states where the flag still plays a role.
According to a study within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) there is a dearth of minority among the executive leadership at the agency.  There report also states that there has been a decline in minority applicants.
Autopsy reports show that Freddie Gray, the unarmed black man that was killed earlier this year after his spine was severed in the course of arrest, suffered a high-energy injury much like that of a diving accident.  The coroner indicates that it is similar to that of an accident but that the police are responsible because they failed to take proper safety precautions.
Governor Scott Walker has expanded gun rights with the signing of two bills.  One bill repeals the 48 hour waiting period before you can receive a gun and the other allows off-duty or retired police officers to conceal carry on school grounds.
Texas is expanding food stamp opportunities for former felons.  The governor recently signed a bill that restores SNAP benefits for drug felons if they complete their sentences and comply with terms of their probation or parole.
With the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in King. v. Burwell affirming subsidies can be used for those purchasing insurance on federal exchanges, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is pushing the legislature to expand Medicaid.  Expansion would cover an additional 400,000 citizens in the state.