Latest News
The U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, has launched an official investigation into the Baltimore police department.  The investigation comes after Freddie Gray was forcibly arrested resulting in a severed spine and other injuries.  Gray later died as a result of his injuries.
The San Francisco district attorney is conducting an investigation into the San Francisco Police Department after racist and homophobic text messages were disclosed and information on gambling on forced fights between inmates.
Undocumented Arizona students will now be able to pay in-state tuition at state universities in Arizona.  This move will help students save thousands of dollars in college tuition. 
The Illinois Supreme Court ruled the legislature’s plan to adjust pension plans was unconstitutional leaving the state with no plans on addressing its pension hole.
The state of Florida is bringing a suit against the Obama Administration over defunding a $1 billion healthcare funding program for low-income patients, arguing that defunding the program is way to coerce the state the expand Medicaid.
Ohio Governor, John Kaisch, has put together a task force of community and law enforcement leaders to provide recommendations on police policies in the wake of several civilian deaths at the hands of police officers nationwide and in Ohio.  The task force will look at rules on police behavior, such as when to use deadly force.
A new executive order Governor Jerry Brown will bring California’s emissions down by 40 percent by 2030.
Montana has become the 29th state to expand Medicaid.  The Governor signed the bill into law which will bring health insurance coverage to 70,000 Montana residents.   In addition to requiring co-pays for certain services it would call for a workplace assessment to create a job training program for participants. 
Protests returned to Ferguson, MO following the death of Maryland man Freddie Gray.  Protests and demonstrations have been raging in Baltimore after Gray’s death while in police custody.  Ferguson protests were in the streets chanting “No justice, No peace. No racist police.”
The Maryland legislature passed several bills this session aimed at helping those formerly incarcerated find new opportunities post release.  Some of these measures include expungement, voting rights restoration, and repealing mandatory minimum drug sentencing, were introduced by members of the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland.