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Arizona governor Doug Ducey vetoed legislation which would prevent police departments from releasing the names, for 60 days, of police officers involved in shootings.  Several police unions supported the measure arguing that there should be a cooling off period between the officer shooting and the release of the name to prevent protests, threats to the family, and other situations.
After receiving national attention for the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the Governor of Indiana has signed off on amendments to the measure that will protect LGBT residents in the state.  The measure, which has been characterized as allowing for discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, will be amended in that it prohibits businesses from denying services to anyone on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. 
Connecticut has become the first state to ban government-funded travel to Indiana stating that the state’s new religious freedom law was discriminatory to members of the LGBT community.  The new law has been criticized by members of the business community because of its potential adverse impact on revenue. 
Massachusetts is just one of several states that have been in litigation over complaints of a lack of resources to register people to vote at their welfare offices.  Federal law requires public assistance offices to provide voter registration forms.
In response to the drought California has been facing for several months, Governor Jerry Brown has called for a 25% reduction in water use.  The governor has reached out to state agencies to assist with the project calling the reduction necessary.
Residents of Kansas can now carry a concealed firearm without the requirement of a training class, passing a background check or paying a licensing fee.  The new law also protects residents who wish to conceal carry a firearm in other states.  Kansas is just one of few states that allow residents to conceal carry without requiring a license.
Newly elected Arizona governor, Doug Ducey, has called for a review on the state’s English and Math standards in response to his concerns over Common Core.  The education standards have been criticized widely in many states and several states have undertaken reviewing the standards, with some going as far as to repeal them.
With the assistance of a grant from the U. S. Department of Agriculture, Kansas will expand a job training program directed at food stamp recipients.  The goal of the program will be to provide recipients with training as well as job search opportunities.
Lawmakers in Alabama are trying to respond to the overgrowth of payday lenders in the state and their reach in mostly low-income communities.  Several of the businesses have moved into online markets in an attempt to subvert state laws.
Governor Andrew Cuomo in attempt to appease both sides of the aisle tied an education tax credit and the Dream Act together.  However, unable to receive support from Democrats for the tax credit or support from the Republicans for the Dream Act, he dropped both from discussions on the budget.