State Issues

In this section, you will find policy issues trending in the states.  NBCSL provides coverage of problems that disproportionately affect those who are disadvantaged, and gathers solutions being offered with a particular emphasis on cost-effective and evidence-based models.

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Model Legislation

NBCSL has combed the nation searching for state legislation that should be replicated.  You will find a synopsis of the policy problem, intended solution, and listing of applicable legislation.

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Legislative Updates Archives

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As an organization that assists policymakers, NBCSL aspires to collect and share with our members the nation’s best public policy practices.  In keeping our members apprised of trends in the state and federal legislative spheres, we use a variety of communication and education tools.  In the website’s “Public Policy” section, you will find model state legislation and news and analyses of state issues.  You will also find communiqués such as The Legislator Magazine, published three times per year; NBCSL Updates, an e-newsletter which focuses on federal issues; and special reports and white papers, such as the 2011 Closing the Achievement Gap Report.  Finally, you will find information about NBCSL’s policy resolution process, policy committees, and policy symposia.